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L.Isabelle Photography

I am so glad you are here! Whatever brought you around, I imagine it is something you want to remember for a long time. 


I want you to remember what your wedding day felt like. Your loved ones hugs, how your significant others hand felt in yours, the way your bouquet smelled and the buoyant joy you felt dancing into the late hours. 


I want to help you remember the tiny fingers and toes of your fresh newborn, the way their head smelled and that cute little unruly cow lick hair. I want to help you remember the years as they and the family grows.


I want to remind you of the joy that comes with the final days of senior year, the excitement of the future to come and the passion to follow your dreams. 


I want you to remember these moments paused in time with a tangible potency. 


I am here to help these moments be moments to remember. I have no desire to over pose you or make each photo look cookie cutter perfect. I will help direct you through poses without stifling your personality and I will make sure you leave your shoot knowing your authentic self was captured, also making sure it is a blast in the process. 


The people are my 'why' and the reason I never cease to love what I do. 


Let’s capture some authentic moments together!


West Michigan Wedding Photographer
Muskegon Family Photographer
Grand Rapids wedding photographer

Hi Folks! 

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