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Laura Gagnon

Hello! I’m Laura, a lover of everything earthy. I take every opportunity to let my feet touch the dirt. If it was acceptable to run barefoot everywhere, my shoes would be off in a heartbeat. I try to take this feeling into my photography. Raw, alive, and unbridled happiness is the root of all I do. I grew up in a small town in Indiana where I learned to use the endless cornfields and space to create anything and everything I wanted. God graced my life with a large family, eight brothers and one sister, meaning unlimited models willing to do anything I begged of them. My Mom and Dad instilled a deep love of Christ in my heart, which is my internal compass for all I do.


Later, I left my open spaces to study photography at the Art Institute of Indianapolis, where I graduated with an Associate’s in Digital Photography. I started my small business by photographing families I’d know since I was a child. I took on weddings where I could let my love of everything earthy take the lead in my style of photography. Over time, along with weddings, I’ve come to focus on lifestyle and on-location photography where I work in my subject’s element; whether in a home or on a family’s property, I like to use a location with memories. I’m so thrilled with pictures that capture raw emotions in a place where my subjects feel comfortable. This is truly an intimacy I am blessed to experience - I strive to capture the people, not just a pretty photo.


I met the love of my life in 2018 and was married in the summer of 2019. He loves everything earthy and wild. We love hiking, traveling, climbing and riding dirt bikes, anything to get us outside. He is my human form of being barefoot always. We took on a new adventure and moved to West Michigan in the winter of 2019, digging up some roots to start fresh. We welcomed our son into the world Christmas Eve 2022 and life has been filled with even more love and joy. He gives me even more reason to freeze each big and small moment. I am so excited for the new adventures to come and all the souls I will have the pleasure of meeting and capturing treasured moments for. Let’s adventure together!


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